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My Current Obsession February 13, 2009

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I am currently completely obsessed with the site This site is at heart a shopping site that has brought together every website on the internet where you can buy men, women, and children’s clothing, as well as household items, and you can shop all of the sites from this one site. It is beyond amazingly helpful when it comes to internet shopping.

However, it is also a site that promotes and nurtures creativity in the area of fashion and one can create an account, for free, on the site and put together outfits, much like dressing a paper doll. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, whether for the purpose of shopping, or branching out creatively. (If you have any questions about navigating the site, please feel free to ask).

My point in telling about this site is to try and get some more people like me on it and using it – people interested in reality and living on a budget. I love to create outfits on the site that I can actually afford, however, the majority of the outfits created are for fantasy, a way to dream about what we wish we had.

Unfortunately for me, I can only dream so long before I get frustrated and want to buy the clothes. 🙂 So, every once in a while, I will share some of my creations and pass along any good sales that are happening.

Check out the site and let me know what you think. (you can find me under Members, nicmarie166)


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