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Great Mom Style for Less February 16, 2009

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So I totally love Reese Witherspoon’s casual style and I feel like I could totally pull it off and still be comfortable enough running errands or going to the park with my son. Here’s a look of her’s that I love that I created for less on Shopstyle – my look costs $169.




The Housewife’s Holy Grail

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Ok. I may be exaggerating a little bit, but www.hillbillyhousewife.comis one of the best sites I have found yet that deals with feeding a family on a budget and how to’s on how to make your own pretty much anything, and for those like me, that imagine themselves in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book making everything from scratch, this site is for you!

I have tried to make my own bread from scratch, which turned out well, and even my own “soy yogurt”, which didn’t turn out, but it was worth the experience for me to know I’m not quite ready for Ms. Wilder’s books yet.

Also, for anyone who needs easy recipes to feed a family or even two people, and ideas on how to stretch a dollar, this is the site for you. I still find new things I want to try on it, as it is extremely comprehensive.

Definitely check it out. I hope you can find at least one thing of use to you, as I think sites like this one are only going to become more necessary with the economy the way it is and the dollar not stretching as far as it used to. Let me know what you think!


Ready For Spring

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Another outfit I created on Can you tell I’m ready for Spring? And the best part is that the whole outfit only costs $85!


Winter In The South February 14, 2009

This is an outfit I created using I’m completely obsessed with messenger bags and skinny jeans tucked into tall boots right now. The outfit costs $155 total, and all of the pieces can be purchased on Shopstyle.



Do You Swap?

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Another site I have been using quite a lot lately, and quite successfully, is

On this site, one can trade their old books, dvds, cds, and video games. It is extremely easy to use and set up an account, which is free as well. Also, the site is run in the most professional manner and I have had nothing but positive experiences. I am enjoying trading some of my stuff I have laying around, and even more I’m enjoying not having to buy the new stuff.

The only thing you have to pay for is shipping, however, you can set up a credit card on your account and print shipping labels straight from your computer and not have to deal with the post office hassle, or you can just pay yourself at the post office. I have found that when you print shipping labels from the site, whatever your shipping reaches its recipient much faster than shipping the regular way.

I am a strong supporter or recycling your used goods and it is really fun to do so on this site and find movies or games that you’ve been wanting to experience without having to pay anything for them. So, let me know what you think about the site (feel free to ask questions) and hopefully you can find some cool stuff too!